The movie Inside Out 2 delves into the complex world of teenage emotions, exploring the psychological intricacies of adolescents. The film, a sequel to the 2015 hit Inside Out, follows the character Riley as she navigates the challenges of being a 13-year-old. Expert guidance from psychologist Lisa Damour and emotion scientist Dacher Keltner helped shape the new emotions depicted in the movie.

Lisa Damour, a psychologist specializing in teenagers, and author of books on teenage emotional development, worked closely with the creative team to ensure the portrayal of emotions like anxiety, envy, embarrassment, and ennui was accurate and aligned with scientific research. Dacher Keltner, a professor at the University of California Berkeley, provided valuable insights on the science of emotions and how they influence identity and memory.

The development of teenage brains plays a crucial role in the emergence of new emotions during adolescence. The ability to experience self-conscious emotions like embarrassment and envy emerges around the age of 13 or 14, as teens become more socially aware and focused on their social networks. Anxiety, a major theme in the movie, stems from the ability to imagine and anticipate future events.

The film highlights quintessential teenage experiences such as perfectionism and social dynamics, reflecting the challenges that adolescents face in today’s society. The characters in Inside Out 2 embody a range of emotions that resonate with teenagers, addressing issues like peer pressure, self-esteem, and social judgment.

While the creative team considered various emotions for inclusion in the film, they ultimately focused on four key emotions that capture the essence of teenage experiences. The portrayal of anxiety in the movie challenges the notion that all negative emotions are harmful, emphasizing the protective function and adaptive nature of anxiety.

Overall, Inside Out 2 offers a nuanced and insightful exploration of teenage emotions, shedding light on the complexities of adolescent psychology. By depicting a range of emotions and experiences that resonate with teenagers, the film encourages viewers to embrace and understand the full spectrum of human emotions. Through the collaboration of experts like Lisa Damour and Dacher Keltner, Inside Out 2 provides a thoughtful and engaging portrayal of the emotional landscape of adolescence.