Long legs will be more in focus in 2024 than ever before: shorts are back this year and are as modern, short and tight-fitting as rarely before. The micro shorts are well on their way to overtaking the mini skirts, which were on the rise last year, to become the hottest fashion trend of the coming summer. They are also a lot easier to integrate into everyday life than the “no pants trend” that is currently popular, especially among celebrities. How to wear micro shorts now:

Casual elegance for the city, beach and other relaxed occasions: At Chanel you combine tight-fitting Mirco shorts in classic black with black flip-flops and a white blouse. On top of that is a colorful striped cardigan in bright colors and a long gold statement necklace. A small handbag in black that matches the shorts completes the look.

Retro look with Italian flair: Versace relies on micro shorts in vintage style. The extra short trousers come in pastel colors such as yellow or pink and are decorated with white, floral applications. What is important with this look is that the top and shorts are exactly the same design. Shoes, bags and other accessories should also be the same color as the shorts.

The all-in-black look always works: What the little black dress is for evening events is the all-in-black look in everyday life. This can also be used excellently when styling micro shorts, as Stella McCartney (52) shows. She sends her models for spring and summer 2024 down the catwalk in short black shorts, an extravagant black blouse and black kitten heels. You don’t necessarily need jewelry or other accessories here, the look speaks for itself and draws the focus – how could it be otherwise with micro shorts – to your legs. Of course, influencers and It girls like Hailey Bieber (27) have already discovered this look for themselves and are already presenting it in a casual, cool way on Instagram. Here, Bieber wears an oversized leather jacket with XXL shoulder pads alongside the tight shorts.