The “Let’s Dance” finale of the 17th season is coming up. This Friday (May 24th from 8:15 p.m. live on RTL or via RTL) one finalist and two finalists want to impress with a jury dance, a favorite dance and a freestyle and at the end take home the trophy as “Dancing Star 2024”. .

RTL presenter Jana Wosnitza (30) wants to win with Vadim Garbuzov (37). In terms of points, the 30-year-old was able to continuously improve on “Let’s Dance” and received 29, 29 and 24 points from the jury in the semi-finals for her three dances. Juror Joachim Llambi (59) explains in an RTL interview about Wosnitza’s performance in the dance show: “At the beginning she wasn’t a dancer. She was always hard-working and very precise. But only over time did she develop to where she is now. Now she’s really great.”

For Motsi Mabuse (43), the presenter also “made an incredible journey on ‘Let’s Dance’. For me, she was an underdog who absolutely improved towards the finale with strength and quality. She should definitely continue.”

Can dance professional Ekaterina Leonova (37) achieve her fourth victory on “Let’s Dance”? With dance celebrity Detlef Soost (53), she definitely has a potential winner at her side. In the semifinals, the two scored 29 points three times. “Absolutely mega bombastic,” says Mabuse, describing his previous performance on the RTL dance show in an interview with the broadcaster. “What I love about Detlef is that he really takes risks on ‘Let’s Dance’. He danced every dance 100 percent, sometimes 120 percent. But he always gave absolutely everything, and he also improved.”

Joachim Llambi explains Soost’s performance: “I was worried because he comes from somewhere else, but he showed that he can dance standard and Latin well,” says the juror and colleague Jorge González (56) raves about the “soft movements “, which the dance coach learned to show on “Let’s Dance”.

Gabriel Kelly (22) has achieved favorite status with Malika Dzumaev (33) from episode to episode. The musician has scored the most points on average this season, most recently with points 29, 30 and 30 in the semifinals. “Gabriel is our natural talent,” enthuses Mabuse in the RTL interview. “He is consistent and stable, at a very high level, from the beginning to today.” Llambi describes Angelo Kelly’s son (42) as “our little music and rhythm miracle. From the very beginning. He has also constantly improved his postures. For me, the most complete dancer this season.”

Jury colleague Jorge González is equally enthusiastic about Kelly: “Really great guy, free as a bird. But he trains a lot and found dancing as a passion on ‘Let’s Dance’. He showed what the show is all about and learned to express one’s emotions through dance.”