The first has announced “new additions to the family” for the series “Rote Rosen”: Actress Maike Johanna Reuter (34) will take on the role of Valerie Böttcher from episode 3.981. The broadcaster announced on Wednesday that she is expected to appear in the daily soap from mid-May.

As the twin sister of Julius (Jan Stapelfeldt) and Franka (Birthe Wolter), Valerie Böttcher will cause quite a stir in Lüneburg, where “Rote Rosen” is set. Actress Maike Johanna Reuter is happy about it: “It’s a lot of fun being the bad guy who messes everything up. And as Maike, always finding reasons why Valerie lies and schemes to her heart’s content.” That was “a really nice challenge for me as an actress.”

The press release says about the plot surrounding her new role: “Julius’ twin sister Valerie unexpectedly comes to Lüneburg – she was abandoned by her boyfriend and wants to live with her brother temporarily. But when she sees Klaas (Sebastian Deyle) she feels heartsick quickly forgotten and immediately senses that Dr. Jäger is the new, wealthy partner at her side. When her attempts at rapprochement fail, she fakes a suffocation attack.” Apparently Valerie Böttcher really has it under her belt, because: “Unimpressed by everything, she is sneakily pushing ahead with her plan and has no qualms about manipulating her family.”

Maike Johanna Reuter brings a lot of professional experience to the demanding role: Born in Bergisch Gladbach, she studied acting at the University of Music and Theater in Rostock from 2012 to 2016. Since then she has appeared in theater, film and television productions. The 34-year-old could be seen in the films “The 8th Continent” and “Kahlschlag” as well as in series such as “Rentnercops”, “Einstein” and in the RTL series “Alles was counts”.

“Rote Rosen” runs from Monday to Friday from 2:10 p.m. on Erste and is also available in the ARD media library.