They are as much a part of a pub evening as the foam on a draft beer: card games for adults. The compact games can also provide a sociable pastime on the picnic blanket in the park or on the train during long journeys. The little playing cards set the mood, fit in every pocket and usually weigh less than a bottle of water. Good reasons to always have some with you. The star shows 15 different card games for adults that are really fun.

“Wizard” is a card game in which you have to predict how many tricks you will win in each round. What makes it so appealing is the mix of strategy and luck – you have to play your cards cleverly and hope that your fellow players are wrong. The tension builds when the trump suit comes into play and turns everything upside down. The game thrives on glee and satisfaction.

Admittedly, this game sounds a bit bizarre, but it can make you laugh out loud. Imagine drawing a card that has a picture of a moth on it. And this moth should now give you advice for life. For some, the game can lead to deep insights, for others to hearty laughter. Irony or not – oracle games can really inspire an evening with friends. 

The Impostor is all about placing cards in ascending order on a pile while bluffing for all you’re worth. Each player has to cheat and hope that the others don’t see through the bluff. The fun lies in keeping a poker face while making fools of your fellow players. The glee you get when you catch someone cheating or when you go undetected cannot be surpassed. Ideal for anyone who likes to do a bit of tricks.

In “Nobody is perfect” you come up with creative and completely absurd answers to tricky questions in order to deceive your fellow players. Each player takes turns asking a question, the others come up with convincing lies, and everyone tries to guess the true answer. The fun lies in misleading the others with bogus and fabricated stories.  

“That’s not a hat” is about mastering a trading game in which you have to remember various items while trying to deceive your fellow players. Everyone receives an item and must either pass it on honestly or cheekily claim that it is something else. The hook? You have to keep track of who really has what, otherwise it ends in total chaos. The fun comes when you see your teammates desperately trying to keep track and failing.

In “Uno” the aim is to be the first or first to get rid of all the cards. You play cards with the same color or number as the previous one and are secretly happy when you can inflict a penalty card on your fellow player. A highlight is the moment when you hear “Uno!” shouts and hopes that no one has noticed that you have almost won. In addition to the classic “Uno”, there is now a veritable flood of versions from “Uno Flip” (with nasty twists) to “Uno Extreme” (with a wildly shooting card launcher) to “Uno Emoji” (with the funny faces) and even “Uno Harry Potter” (for the sorcerer’s apprentices among us). 

“Exploding Kittens” is a chaotic card game. The aim of the game is to avoid the nasty Exploding Kittens cards while trying to blow up your fellow players. Most of the thrill comes from the fact that you never know if the next card you draw will be an exploding cat. 

The “LOL” card game is perfect for all the jokers among us. It’s the game for the Amazon Prime Video show “Last One Laughing”. The same applies here: whoever laughs loses. Players can let their creativity run wild or be inspired by over 350 tasks.

“Phase 10” is about being the first to successfully complete all ten phases. Sounds easy, right? But be warned, the game is not easy! Each phase presents you with new challenges, from finding the right card combination to strategic planning to outdo your opponents. The fun lies not only in mastering the phases, but also in making your friends sweat with nasty action cards.

“Halli Galli” is a simple but nerve-wracking card game that will keep you on your toes. The aim of the game is to be the first or first to win all the cards. But be careful, you have to react quickly as soon as five identical fruits appear on the cards. Suddenly all fingers are on the bell, and whoever is too slow has to draw penalty cards. 

“Skip-Bo” is a turbulent card game. The goal? Be the first to have your personal deck of cards playful. Your opponents will do everything they can to throw you off balance and thwart your plans. Strategy is required here.

The “Hangover Quartet” is all about the wildest and craziest stories of drunken nights. From strange encounters to bizarre finds, everything life has to offer after a night of partying is there. The fun isn’t just in hearing the funny stories, but also in outdoing your friends with the wildest experiences.

“Werewolves” is a board game that is perfect for larger groups. It’s a type of role-playing game and takes place in a small village. The point is to find out which of the other players is secretly a werewolf. The villagers work together to expose the werewolves, while the werewolves secretly eliminate the villagers. The game thrives on mistrust, wild speculation and revelations. Anyone can suddenly become a suspect.

“Black Stories” is a puzzle game for everyone who loves dark stories and tricky brain teasers. Imagine: A mysterious death, a bizarre accident or an inexplicable event is described in just a few sentences. Your task? Find out what really happened by asking clever questions. Wild theories, strange questions and often astonishing solutions arise. Have you ever thought about why someone drowned with a pineapple in their hand? Or why a man was found in the snow without shoes? There are a number of versions, from classic cases to medical, Christmas and even fairy tale editions. 

“Penalty out!” is a card game for social gatherings at large tables. The aim of the game is to be the first or first to get rid of all the cards by cleverly placing cards in the correct order. The fun comes from a mixture of strategy, luck and the occasional annoyance when the other player snatches exactly the card you need. 


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