For reality stars, life itself is often a reality show. Work and private life quickly mix when you turn your insides out in front of TV cameras. In the case of Yeliz Koc and Jannik Kontalis it looked like this: During the shooting of the RTL dating show “Make Love Fake Love” they met and fell in love, left the format as a couple.

Great love was celebrated on Instagram, and the number of followers shot up, especially for the previously relatively unknown Kontalis. Sponsorships followed, the first influencer money came in. But a few months after the show ended, it was all over again.

Koc also made serious allegations on Instagram – because, where else? Kontalis cheated on her in Berlin, offered his affair money to keep quiet, and anyway he wasn’t a good friend to her. He, in turn, posted a 20-minute statement accusing her of never getting involved in the relationship.

For the several hundred thousand followers of the two, the Zoff meant two things. On the one hand a bit of uneasiness because so much private was shared, on the other hand satisfied voyeurism. It was like an accident where you couldn’t look away and the drama was reminiscent of the now legendary dispute between Sarah Engels and her then husband Pietro Lombardi.

And now, a short time later, the turnaround. “What can we say, no one is perfect and love is not easy. Sometimes you just have to take a few detours to be completely happy. Over time, we understood that we have to work on ourselves and that communication is the key to everything “The two explain with joint couple pictures on Instagram. “It probably took us that to realize that we really love each other and want to spend our lives together. We are a family and we want nothing more than just to be happy together,” they say in their post.

The many involuntary and voluntary witnesses to the separation drama are visibly confused. “I can’t keep up,” was one of the top comments under Koc and Kontalis’ most recent post. “I wasn’t that embarrassed even when I was 16,” comments one user.

One thing should be certain after the drama: Koc and Kontalis are in conversation, especially on social networks. This is the currency of their profession as reality stars. The next format will surely be ringing in soon.

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