Furnishing a small apartment can be quite a challenge: it needs enough storage space, it shouldn’t be too cluttered and, above all, it should be attractive. But how do you do that cleverly? We have a few tips that may help with setup.

In order to make the best possible use of the little space that is available in a small apartment, furniture with several functions is particularly worthwhile: a stool that also offers storage space, or a sofa bed that offers space for overnight guests if necessary, for example. Other pull-out furniture is also ideal if you want to set up a small apartment: Integrated drawers in cupboards and pull-out surfaces, for example on the table, offer the option of only creating space when it is really needed.

When setting up a small apartment, you should also use light colors. They optically enlarge rooms and exude a certain freshness. Light colors on the wall and floor-length, light-colored curtains give a small room more height and width. With cushions, flower pots, picture frames and other decorative elements, you can set visual highlights that add vibrancy and an individual touch. However, the decoration should be kept minimalist so that it does not appear overloaded and the highlights can work for themselves. In addition, pastel, wood and natural tones ensure a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

If you have to furnish a small apartment, you can make good use of the walls to accommodate decorative elements, for example on shelves – and to make the room appear larger: with wall mirrors. A cleverly placed mirror, for example opposite the window or mounted on a light-colored wall, reflects light and gives a room more width and brightness.

The lighting is also an important factor in the “furnish a small apartment” project. On the one hand, indirect light in particular creates a pleasant atmosphere. On the other hand, different light sources can ensure that you can avoid unsightly shadows that sometimes occur with overhead lighting. This does not create an overwhelming feeling in a small room – but rather openness and looseness. Above all, floor or table lamps, where the focus is on the light bulb, are suitable for a small apartment, as they provide a fresh, relaxed look.

Boxes and baskets are of course particularly suitable for a small apartment: they can be used as a great decorative element and you can stack them to save space. You should make sure that they are closed so that it doesn’t look chaotic. They can either be draped on shelves or find space in corners that are still unused.

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