Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by watching some thrilling war movies on Netflix with your dad? If your father has a soft spot for military history and loves a good war movie, then Netflix has you covered with a selection of top-notch films to choose from.

Starting with “1917,” this 2019 war movie is a technical marvel, shot to look like one continuous take. The story follows two infantrymen on a mission to deliver a message and prevent an ambush during World War I. The film not only impresses with its technical achievements but also showcases the bond between the lead actors as they navigate the harsh realities of war.

For a different perspective on World War I, “All Quiet on the Western Front” (2022) provides a German-language adaptation of the classic novel. This film delves into the horrors of war and the disillusionment faced by young soldiers on the front lines, offering a poignant portrayal of the brutal realities of combat.

If Vietnam War movies are more to your liking, “Born on the Fourth of July” (1989) tells the true story of Ron Kovic, a Marine who becomes a vocal critic of the war he once believed in. Tom Cruise delivers a powerful performance in this film, highlighting the personal struggles and moral dilemmas faced by soldiers in times of conflict.

For classic Hollywood war movie fans, “The Guns of Navarone” (1961) offers a thrilling tale of a small mission in World War II to destroy German guns on a Greek island. The film’s stellar cast and gripping storyline make it a must-watch for any dad who enjoys Gregory Peck’s performances or appreciates vintage war cinema.

Lastly, “Hacksaw Ridge” (2016) tells the incredible true story of Desmond Doss, a pacifist who saved dozens of lives during the Battle of Okinawa without firing a single shot. Andrew Garfield’s standout performance as Doss anchors this film, showcasing the power of conviction and heroism in the face of adversity.

This Father’s Day weekend, treat your dad to a cinematic journey through the trials and triumphs of war with these gripping Netflix war movies. Whether you’re drawn to tales of courage, sacrifice, or the harsh realities of conflict, these films offer something for every fan of the genre. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and enjoy a thrilling movie marathon with your dad this Father’s Day.