TV presenter Kai Pflaume amazes his fan base with a new Instagram photo: The 56-year-old looks more iron-clad and muscular than ever in the picture. On the arms, the veins stand out on the arched muscles.

How did plum get such a body? Answer: With a tough sports program and a personal trainer. The father of two sons told the “Bild” newspaper: “I’ve been doing sports all my life. Since the beginning of April, I’ve been training for the first time with a training plan in the running area and I’m being professionally supervised.”

With the help of his trainer, he has now set a personal record: “I started the Tegernsee run and was able to run a new personal best time of 1:41 hours on the half marathon distance,” he writes proudly on his Instagram page. At the same time, he thanks his coach for the individual training plans and the “perfect advice”.

Pflaume explained to the “Bild” newspaper what his sports program looks like: “So far this month I have run around 120 kilometers and ridden 200 kilometers on my racing bike.” Then there would be “a few interval sessions on the spinning bike and strength and stability training once a week.”

In order not to become too thin during this intensive training, Plum says he has to eat a lot because he has “a very active metabolism.” “In between we also have pizza and burgers,” he said.

His fans are divided when it comes to their star’s passion for sports: “Congratulations, great performance!” writes one on Instagram. ” Another, however, is skeptical: “That’s a bit too much of a good thing.”