Sometimes Ginger and I get particularly close. Whenever I get a cold wave. Then the tuber becomes the Bruce Lee of foods and goes into battle against viruses. So I wash the ginger, remove the rough peel, cut the bulb into slices and let it steep in hot water – a cocktail that works wonders. One sip and I feel like I’m just breathing out the disease viruses. The anti-inflammatory powers work wonders. But ginger is not only a reliable martial artist for colds.

Grandma already knew that ginger helps with stomach problems. It can relieve nausea and is full of antioxidant compounds that boost the immune system. The tuber helps ward off colds and infections and makes you feel vital and energetic. Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties can also be helpful in pain relief. It can help with headaches, menstrual cramps and even sore muscles. It can also boost metabolism and help you lose or maintain weight. In order to prepare ginger teas quickly and easily in all of these situations

A pack of Frinsh Ginger Cubes contains 20 cubes. It looks like an ice cube tray – just a little smaller. The cubes are about the size of sugar cubes, but the contents cannot be compared. “My frozen miracle cubes are made from 100 percent ginger. They are free of any additives and revolutionize the preparation of ginger drinks,” says Leipertz. I wanted to know how revolutionary making tea actually is and made myself one. So I take a cup, pour hot water into it, follow it with a so-called ginger cube and watch how the cube slowly dissolves in the water like a cube of sugar. The best thing: I didn’t have to peel, cut or press the ginger. After a short cooling down period, I try my energy elixir.

Sharp taste settles on the tongue and palate. A hot but pleasant feeling runs down your throat – so everything is as usual. The taste and consistency are identical to freshly cut ginger strips in hot water. The feeling after the glass is also the same. I feel refreshed and energized. However, I find the available sets less convincing.

A set of four packages is currently available in the online shop. The set of 4 includes 80 small, frozen ginger cubes, each weighing 3.5 grams. The set costs 29.90 euros, the price per kilo is 106.97 euros. There are currently no smaller sets. However, real ginger lovers can save money here. In comparison: In the supermarket you pay around 1 euro for a ready-made ginger shot mixed with other ingredients. A pure ginger shot from Frinsh costs the equivalent of 37 cents. However, for someone like me who only reaches for ginger when their nose runs, this is nothing.

The founder of Frinsh will be joining “The Lions’ Den” in 2023 to expand his business. He offers 20 percent of his company shares for an investment of 75,000 euros. The episode will be broadcast on VOX on Monday, September 18th at 8:15 p.m.

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