Never have so many gastronomic books been published as now. The popularization of the kitchen, the enthronement of chefs, have opened up an attractive line of business for publishers. From recipe books with the signature of the best-known chefs or popular characters who sometimes have not set foot in a kitchen, to biographies of professionals linked to the world of gastronomy, through books that explain work techniques or that help to resolve doubts readers in front of the stove.

From large format volumes with excellent images signed by prestigious photographers to small pocket manuals, more practical when handling them in the kitchen. An editorial offer that also extends to the world of children to delve into this exciting world or the field of cocktails that is increasingly in demand.

The range is very wide, as you can see in any bookstore. All already have their area dedicated to gastronomy.

The Book Fair is a good time to get closer and discover this varied and attractive offer. We have collected here ten books that we have found interesting for different reasons and that have been published very recently.