Third round for “The Big GEO Show – Around the World in 55 Questions”. In the RTL quiz format, celebrities are once again going on missions around the globe. Sent out and entrusted with tasks by GEO expert Dirk Steffens, they try to overcome challenges – and learn amazing things in the process: about exotic animal worlds, natural spectacles and fascinating cultures.

With this treasure in their luggage, they become experts and connoisseurs of their travel destination and compete against each other in entertaining quiz rounds. The celebrities don’t just play for victory and prize money. With their efforts, they are also increasing the forest areas, square by square meter, where the “GEO creates wilderness” association allows nature to unfold freely.

As always, Sonja Zietlow will host the evening. This time the television presenter Ralph Caspers, the former athlete Mathias Mester, the actress Janin Ullmann, presenter Ulla Kock am Brink and the former professional footballer Hans Sarpei get into the ring.

Their missions are tough: a cave in the Allgäu beckons as a very special overnight camp, targets in Mongolia have to be hit with a bow and arrow, they have to steal honey from wild bees in Tanzania, and dive for abalone snails off the coast of Australia and catching locusts in Mexico.

With every challenge, the candidates’ knowledge grows – and the desire to look at the world with different eyes in accordance with the GEO motto.

RTL will show “The Big GEO Show” on Saturday, September 23rd at 8:15 p.m