After the frightening performance in Osnabrück, Hamburg goalkeeper Daniel Heuer Fernandes sounded the alarm.

“We have a demand for ourselves and we didn’t live up to that today. You have to say that quite clearly,” said the goalkeeper after the still flattering 1:2 (1:2) at the previously winless promoted team VfL Osnabrück.

A week earlier, HSV had already made a mistake against the other league newcomer SV Elversberg. But the North Germans seem to have learned nothing from their mistakes. “What happened in Osnabrück cannot be explained. After last week it should have been clear to us what it was about,” said Heuer Fernandes (30).

The fact that the goalkeeper was still Hamburg’s best said everything about the lifeless performance of the promotion favorite. After four wins and one draw from the first five games, HSV had already seen itself on the way back to the first league. “Based on the first five games, you could think that we were through,” said Heuer Fernandes. “But the last two games showed us that maybe we need to go back to the basics.”

A deeply disappointed HSV coach Tim Walter also demanded this. “You have to question yourself. That’s what we do in the coaching staff and I expect the same from the players,” said the Hamburg coach. “There was a lack of intensity in everything we did,” complained Walter. “We didn’t take place today at all.”