Singer Gabriel Kelly demonstrated his dancing talent on “Let’s Dance” and received full points from the jury for the first time in the 17th season. The 22-year-old and professional dancer Malika Dzumaev received 30 out of 30 points for an impressively danced tango to an instrumental version of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”. Influencer Stefano Zarrella, on the other hand, was eliminated from the RTL dance show.

Juror: A quarter of Samba “on the verge of legality”

The 33-year-old food creator performed worst in the combination of jury and audience ratings. He enjoys the format a lot, said the younger brother of the musician and presenter Giovanni Zarrella. “We’re evolving every week.”

The jury gave Zarrella and professional dancer Mariia Maksina’s samba 19 points – not the worst rating of the episode. Juror Motsi Mabuse attested to Zarrella’s talent: “You have absolutely brilliant moments.” But he has to work on the details. From the perspective of juror Joachim Llambi, the first quarter of the samba was “on the verge of legality”.

Dreamed of tango

On the other hand, he praised Kelly: “For me, you’re the favorite here.” For Mabuse, the highest score wasn’t even enough; she immediately handed out a “ten with a crown” and shouted: “I love it!” Kelly seemed like the boy next door, but had a very present presence on the floor, she said. In addition, his dance partner can fully rely on him, which is very important for dancing.

Kelly and Dzumaev emphasized in a film from training that they wanted to take full risks. The singer said that he really missed training during the Easter break – since dancing is banned on Good Friday. He even woke up in a tango pose.

Words of praise and mistakes at Hebefigur

In general, the jury’s ratings were top for many dances. After the Easter break, many couples showed top performances. “It’s absolutely crazy,” Mabuse said.

Both the slow waltz by sports journalists Jana Wosnitza and Vadim Garbuzov and the samba by choreographer Detlef D! The jury gave Soost and Ekaterina Leonova each 29 points. Senior critic Llambi praised the waltz as an “excellent performance”, Mabuse called the samba by Soost and Leonova “simply perfect”. Juror Jorge González said to the hip-hop trainer: “You brought the fringed trousers to life.”

In the end, pop singer Lulu, sister of Sarah Connor, and Massimo Sinató only received a point deduction in their Charleston because of a botched lifting figure. Sinató explained it by saying that he had cut his hand while dancing. The jury emphasized that a small breakdown could happen. From Llambi’s point of view, the lifting figures that are often applauded by the audience only have anything to do with dancing.

There will be a premiere next Friday

A so-called partner switch is coming up next week. The celebrities get other professional dancers at their side, as Llambi explained. Some participants reacted with surprise. Comedian Tony Bauer asked whether there would still be an evaluation (answer: yes). Mabuse also announced a premiere: a jury show number.