At 23, Julia Beautx is a successful entrepreneur, one of the best-known social media stars (3.5 million Instagram followers, 2.4 million YouTube subscribers), actress, singer and most recently: a dance student. She made her first appearance in the brand new season of the RTL show “Let’s Dance” – which unfortunately didn’t work out quite as she had imagined.

At the end of Friday evening, Julia was in last place with 10 points. “I was very, very excited,” admits the social media star in the stern interview. “That screwed up the tour a bit for me. I was better than what I put on the floor there.” She was so excited that she got out quickly and with a fast dance like the Cha Cha it was very difficult to get back in.

But she doesn’t let that discourage her – on the contrary. “Next week will be better! Next week I’ll show what I can do,” is her declaration of war. “I’m super ambitious.” “She can do a lot and she has potential,” adds Julia’s professional dance partner Zsolt Sandor Cseke. “I’m 100 percent sure she’ll deliver on every show.”

The 35-year-old knows what he’s talking about: In 2022 he was a professional dancer on “Let’s Dance” for the first time and danced second place with actress Janin Ullmann. His new dance partner beamingly calls him “Jackpot” and is obviously happy to have the native Romanian at her side. “It couldn’t have been better for me,” says Julia.

The Mainz resident is looking forward to the next few weeks, even though she knows that she will train around eight hours a day from Sunday to Thursday. “I’ve never been the sportiest, but I’ve tried to prepare well. Still, I’ll finish every night, but that’s good because it means I train a lot.” The young woman recently moved to her boyfriend in the Rhineland-Palatinate capital.

According to Julia, he is not worried about the tight and often sexy dancing of his loved one with another man. “He knows it’s all on a professional level. He put up with certain scenes in ‘Yesterday we were kids’, then he can do that too.”

At the beginning of the year, Julia Beautx caused a stir because she appeared in the ZDF series and she shone. In it she played the eldest child of a man who murdered his wife and mother of his children. The series will continue for a second season, the actress confirmed with a smile. She wants to continue acting and is happy if she can “play a few bad roles,” she said with a wink. First of all, all your attention is on “Lets Dance”.