It was a shock for Helene Fischer’s fans when they found out about the cancellation of the first concerts of the “Rausch Live” tour on Instagram. There Fischer shared a post with a long text.

It says, among other things: “Sometimes higher powers are at work and I unfortunately have to tell you that I fractured my ribs during rehearsals.” She had rehearsed elaborate acrobatic numbers for the shows, including on the trapeze.

She assures that she too had wished otherwise, but had to follow “urgent medical advice”. But there is another side too: A cancellation of the tour would mean major financial losses for Helene Fischer and her team.

As the “Express” reports, an estimated 70 million euros will come from ticket sales, plus four million from the sale of drinks and merchandise. However, these 74 million euros do not include the costs for the hall rentals, for the complex production and for ticket sales, which are estimated at around 40 million euros.

The concert agency also gets a not inconsiderable part, it is said. So only a fraction of the starting amount remains for the singer: “Experts have calculated a gross income of 225,000 euros for Fischer per show,” writes the “Express”. Another tax rate is deducted from Helene Fischer’s fee. So the amount that ends up in your account will be less. With around 70 announced shows, that’s still several million euros.

Since Helene Fischer wants to go on tour with Cirque du Soleil, artists still have to be paid accordingly. Fischer is also supported by background singers and dancers. According to the report, there are also 40 employees who are entitled to such a fee.

75 “other participants” are also named, because there are also those responsible for the six tour buses and the 20 articulated lorries. “Other parties” also include security, stylists and make-up artists. Because according to the “Express”, Fischer wants to take more than 100 costumes and 130 pairs of shoes on the tour.

It will be announced when the canceled concerts will be rescheduled. Fischer wrote on Instagram that they were “in the process of finding alternative dates for Bremen and Cologne to catch up on the concerts”.

Which: “Express”