The sun’s rays are getting weaker and autumn is approaching. But with the subtle Scandi Hairline technique we can hold on to the beautiful memories of summer for a while longer. This hair coloring technique is currently very popular on TikTok and promises to make hair look like it has been kissed by the sun.

The Scandi Hairline technique is a sophisticated method in which the bleaching color is applied only to the short “baby hairs” around the face to create a halo effect. This way, the rest of your hair will immediately become lighter and naturally blonde looking, similar to Scandinavians. The technique has become known on TikTok through various videos in which the “Scandi Hairline” technique is used to take blonde hair to the next level.

The blonde highlights at the hairline perfectly imitate the effect of the sun. When sunbathing on the beach, the UV light often hits the hairline and first of all lightens the delicate and short baby hairs at the hairline. A Scandi hairline, for which the Swedish model Elsa Hosk (34) serves as a model, not only gives the hair color a summery update, but also ensures that the complexion on the face looks as if it had just come from vacation.

The Scandi Hairline technique is not only a summery option, but also a gentle way to make the hair look lighter. Because the entire hair does not have to be bleached, a few strands are enough. However, since bleaching occurs very close to the skin on the face, the hair coloring technique should definitely be carried out by an expert.

By the way, the TikTok trend is not just suitable for people with blonde hair. People with brunette hair can also use the Scandi Hairline technique to give their hair a summery, bright look.