The professional dancer Andrzej Cibis (36), known from “Let’s Dance”, and his wife Victoria Kleinfelder-Cibis (35) have let the world know whether they are expecting a boy or a girl. It had been known since the end of July that the two dancers were going to be parents. Now they shared a video of their gender reveal party on their respective Instagram accounts.

This is a trend that is increasingly coming to Germany from the USA. The baby’s gender is revealed to friends, family and often the expectant parents themselves through gender-stereotypical colors. Blue represents a boy, pink represents a girl.

Victoria Kleinfelder-Cibis and Andrzej Cibis styled each other perfectly for the special occasion, as seen in their adorable Instagram video. Blue and pink balloons hang in the background. Kleinfelder-Cibis, who works as a choreographer on “Let’s Dance,” even wears a dress that is half pink and half blue. In the video, white smoke initially rises between the couple, which eventually takes on a blue color: So it’s going to be a boy.

Tears well up in the expectant mother’s eyes at the wonderful news. Her husband Andrzej Cibis warmly embraces her. “Thanks to our friends who organized this beautiful gender reveal surprise for us. Overwhelmed

The “Let’s Dance” family doesn’t have to wait long for congratulations and heartwarming comments. “Baby boy,” followed by two heart emojis, writes juror Motsi Mabuse (42). Rebecca Mir’s (31) husband Massimo Sinató (42), however, is sure: “You will be wonderful parents.”

The two-time “Let’s Dance” winner Kathrin Menzinger (34) is “incredibly happy” for the expectant parents, while Evgeny Vinokurov (32) writes in his comment: “Congratulations on your son.” The Swedish dancer Isabel Edvardsson (41) is enthusiastic: “This is sooooooooo great. Mini Cibis,” followed by a heart emoji.