The RTL live event “Die Passion” on March 27th in rainy Kassel is history. Meanwhile, the discussion is still raging on social media. There is a lot of praise for the “narrator” Hannes Jaenicke (64) and for “Maria” actress Nadja Benaissa (41).

“I’m totally touched – I constantly have goosebumps,” writes one follower, another: “Can this man please record radio plays. Man, he has such a damn soothing voice.” One user draws a comparison to the first edition of the live TV event in 2022: “Way better than Gottschalk 2022…”

And the hymn of praise continues on the station’s Instagram page: “Hannes Jaenicke is simply the best narrator and such true words. He speaks from my soul.”

Nadja Benaissa’s No Angels bandmate Jessica Wahls (47), who didn’t miss the event live on site, writes in the Instagram comments: “I’m sooooooo happy to see you” and sends a red heart. “The concept of the show doesn’t make sense to me as an atheist and science lover, but Nadja is great,” writes another viewer. One even raves: “Nadja is the best singer in Germany. Mega selection.”

This follower gave a somewhat more general praise: “As an atheist, I really liked it because I find the message of charity and forgiveness important, especially in today’s world, and the reference to the here and now makes the topic approachable. Everyone “We did a great job, but Nadja Benaissa in particular really touched me. If we all took the message more to heart, the world would be a better place.”

“Nadja alias Maria looks younger than her own son Ben Blümel alias Jesus,” says another follower, slightly amused. This brings us to the main protagonist:

“Wow, you make me. I never thought it would affect me so much. Ben Blümel and Nadja Benaissa, you are unbelievable. RTL, I can’t find the words anymore for what you and all the artists are doing. It goes into your heart, into your heart Soul. The song compilation – unbelievable, fits 100 percent,” says one follower enthusiastically.

This viewer delivered a round-the-clock blow: “Unfortunately Ben can’t get close to Alex [Klaws, “Jesus” actor 2022, editor], Alex is also one of the best German singers for me. But I think Nadja is really great, just like Timur [ Ülker, “Petrus” actor]. I like Jimi’s singing the least.”

In the comment column about Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (32), RTL was forced to urge “respectful and objective discussion on the topic” after some brought his private life into play. “‘Judas’, how blatantly ironic and at the same time fitting like a glove can you cast a role,” said one comment. But it is also praised. “He plays so well and looks so good doing it,” writes one follower.

However, there was criticism of the commercial breaks: “I love ‘The Passion’ and think this idea is great – although the commercial breaks are very annoying – in football you can do without them,” commented one viewer. “Really well done, great actors chosen, music incredibly good, captivating! BUT: Can you maybe do without advertising?” adds another follower. “Why can’t RTL do without advertising here… That’s so inappropriate!” was another reaction in this context.

The seamless transition to the interviews with Frauke Ludowig (60) wasn’t quite as well received either: “Seriously? Frauke Ludowig for the final???? Wasted opportunity at the end, what a shame,” she criticized.

A follower summarized the TV event as follows: “Very well presented. I wasn’t even aware of Kassel as a population center.” A follower said: “Wonderful speaker. Great important message. Everything is love! Unconditional. People have it in their hands.”