In a pre-recorded video message to kick off the upcoming Easter celebrations on Maundy Thursday, King Charles III. (75) reminds the British population to “serve and care for one another,” as reported by British media.

These are the British monarch’s first public words since his daughter-in-law, Princess Kate (42), announced her cancer diagnosis. The wife of the heir to the British throne, Prince William (41), spoke about her cancer in a video message last Friday (March 22).

Continuing his Easter speech, Charles recalled that Jesus was an example of “how we should serve others and care for one another” and how, as a nation, “we need and benefit greatly from those who extend the hand of friendship to us, especially in times of need.”

During his speech, recorded at Buckingham Palace, Charles sits at a desk in a blue suit with two microphones and a bouquet of spring flowers in front of him.

The start of Easter in Great Britain is marked by celebrations on Maundy Thursday, also known as Maundy Thursday, when the monarch traditionally distributes special coins. According to the palace, these are intended to commemorate Jesus washing the feet of the apostles at the Last Supper.

The monarch, who is not taking part in major appearances due to his own cancer treatment, will be represented at this year’s celebrations in Worcester by his wife, Queen Camilla (76). In his speech, Charles described the participants of “Maundy Thursday” as “wonderful examples of such kindness” in that they “put so much of their lives into serving others in their community.”

As Buckingham Palace confirmed on Tuesday, according to the Daily Mail, King Charles will attend the traditional Easter Sunday service in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle and will be accompanied by his wife Camilla. However, heir to the throne Prince William and his wife Kate would not attend the service, according to the Daily Mail.