Musician Gil Ofarim has announced a new album. “I…will dedicate myself to music again and write my new record,” he wrote on Instagram. There, the 41-year-old also announced that he wanted to auction off his guitars: “It’s time to say goodbye, it’s time to separate from certain companions who were very loyal,” he said in one Instagram story.

“You accompanied me on concerts, tours, studio recordings and very special moments of my life” (grammar error in the original), Ofarim now writes on his Instagram page, which was orphaned for months. “Life goes on, step by step,” says the post, which is signed “All hope! Gil” and the hashtag “

The day before, Ofarim appeared in public for the first time since the end of his headline-grabbing trial over a fabricated Star of David scandal. On Wednesday the countdown to the “Spring Cleaning Guitar Sale” appeared on Instagram.

Libel trial

Ofarim, who comes from Munich and lives there, withdrew from the public eye after making a surprise confession in his defamation and false accusation trial last November. The case against the 41-year-old was then dropped against a fine of 10,000 euros.

Ofarim made anti-Semitism allegations against a Leipzig hotel in a video in October 2021. Ofarim described that the hotel manager had asked him to take off his Star of David necklace so that he could check in. The video went viral on social media.

The musician later filed a complaint, but the hotel manager also defended himself and in turn reported the musician for defamation. Ofarim finally confessed in court and apologized. Ofarim was sharply criticized for inventing the anti-Semitic incident in the hotel – including from the Central Council of Jews in Germany.