When was the last time you thought: “It would be nice to have time for friends or a hobby again”? Thomas Hoppe: Every now and then, sure. But for me, work is not a limitation, but a kind of hobby. I work with friends in my companies and I see my family at the weekend at the latest.

Katharina Stolla: Because of all the appointments, I obviously have less time for friends or soccer training. That’s a shame, but I really enjoy being federal spokesperson.

They demand more time for friends and hobbies by working fewer hours. How do you imagine that? Stolla: I think a reduction in working hours is necessary. For example, I think 30 hours a week would be good.

With the same wages?Stolla: Sure, it wouldn’t help anyone if people had to look for a part-time job for the fifth day because there wasn’t enough money.

Are we understanding you correctly: The state should set the four-day week for everyone? Stolla: You shouldn’t have to prescribe it straight away, but you should make it the standard. There has been a huge increase in productivity in the last few decades, which is why we should afford the four-day week.

Hoppe: This demand is absurd. The German economy is really not doing well right now. This is not the right time for such a discussion. One company after another is leaving the country because it is too expensive here. There is a shortage of skilled workers everywhere. We should rather increase working hours.

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