with 67 in retirement – for many this is a horror idea. Who wants to should internalize to get out of the world of work, the following four rules.

Who are you not to by from and to in thoughts: many of the things that you want to do when you are retired. Finally time for a dog, more time on the dearest Hobby and long trips, if health permitting. But the years that are yet to execute, lie Dream of a great mountain in front of these. Whoever plays with the thought to retire earlier, should the following tips of successful early retirees to read.

get rich and retire early in These early pensioners are there

1. the On spending, not on revenues focus : this is the Motto of the Self-made millionaire Chris Reining, who went for 37 in a pension is. The News Portal Business Insider quoted Reining: “to get rich and stay rich, is mostly a game in which you are living under its financial resources . If you can, you will enjoy the freedom, the experience, the people who live rich, never”. Who is living in, Reining, according to all that he earns and saves nothing.

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2. money money : The US-American JP Livingston went with 28 in retirement – with assets of two million dollars. Your tip: As fast as possible a financial buffer to build up, and these work for “to Do everything in your Power, to the first 10,000, 20,000 or 100,000 Euro accumulating”, “The will to create a kind of snow ball that will lead you much faster to wealth than you can imagine.” Livingston took advantage of their previously accumulated, in order to get as a private customer of the big banks in a mortgage interest rate discount. For that, you had to buy a Buy-and-Hold stocks, which earned her the term of the loan discount in the amount of 300,000 US dollars.

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3. the The classic way – earn a lot, save a lot, good invest : 52 years, John (who does not want to specify his full name) went with a fortune of three million dollars in pension. The Portal Business Insider, he said: “to be rich, simple — saves a number of years more than you spend “. The good news: “A large inheritance or hot stock tips are not necessary”.

4. the assets aim in view : “Everyone should based on his age, his experience, and his income have a reasonable asset target,” wrote early-retired, Sam Dogen, in his Blog “Financial Samurai”. Goals would help, the own financial plan and to motivate yourself to make more time when you are in the residue. Essential Dogen is according to a guide to wealth building . You could attach to the fridge, to keep yourself on course.

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