a man with A gun has taken care of on Friday for a SEC-use in Munich. A beer garden had to be evacuated.

SEK-use right in the middle of Munich on Friday evening. A man with a gun stopped the forces over a longer period of time in breathing. Finally, the Situation threatened to escalate.

Update from 23. May 2020, 10.02 PM: a SEC-use on Friday evening in Munich there are now more Details. As the police tells the Saturday , has threatened a man in a dispute an employee in a Munich-based business with a “weapon-like object” and the SEC-the use of triggered.

The employees is supposed to have prompted the 26-Year-old to leave the Store. The reason for this is not yet known. Then, the man is said to have threatened the police in accordance with the subject matter of the employee. Shortly thereafter, he left the business.

By notes was immediately alerted, police found the 26-Year-old in his apartment. Since officials had seen the man at the window with a “deceptively real-looking weapon,” was drawn from the special operations command to the use. The SEC succeeded, the man to arrest, and to secure the “weapon-like object”.

As the police explained on Saturday, this is according to preliminary findings, a so-called airsoft weapon, a compressed air gun . You should see a real firearm extremely similar.

SEC-in München: man with weapon makes for a great line-up – beer garden evacuated

origin article 22. May 2020: Munich – Because of SEC-use the intersection was on Friday morning against the 18.50 at Anzinger Straße/corner of Rosenheimer Strasse for the time being, blocked. The police spoke of an acute threats .

SEC-in München: police say the threat is acute and the situation

basic was a man who had shortly before been asked to leave a store on Rosenheimer Straße, reported the police . The reasons are not known. The man however left shortly afterwards, after a quarrel the place and a short time later with a firearm there to be returned.

Whether it was the “weapon-like object” is actually a functional Schusswaf fe , is currently not known. Because several witnesses saw the perpetrator, however, with the “weapon”, the police sent an array of at least ten patrol cars to the scene.

+ SEC-use in the Rosenheimer Straße©Gaulke

SEC-use in Munich: a beer garden, evacuated – transport

Stuff according to the man waved, finally, with the weapon from a window on the first floor of a house, directly next to a beer garden, was revived at this time, about 19 o’clock, very.

to have A witness reports, all of a sudden the Call, the police heard. “Drop your weapon!”, echoing loudly, the cries of the policemen and, “this is the police; you have no Chance”. The beer garden was evacuated in a short period of time., Guests fled.

To 19.18 at the SEC a hit. The surrounding streets were on both sides stopped disabled widely; several buses immediately. Against 19.45 clock, the man could be taken, apparently, fixed. The background of the action are yet unclear.

also read: : An armed man has shot in April of this year, from the balcony of an apartment house in Munich – SEC-forces surrounded the house. In December, a teacher, had triggered a large-scale operation at a Munich secondary school. The school has been completely cleared and a SEC-Team.