Paul Auster (1947-2024), the author of the “New York” trilogy, has died. This is reported by “The Guardian”. The US writer was 77 years old. Auster died on Tuesday (April 30) as a result of lung cancer, said his confidante Jacki Lyden, according to the Guardian.

The author was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1947. Paul Auster studied at Columbia University, then went to Paris in the early 1970s, where he worked, among other things, as a translator. He lived there with his girlfriend, the writer Lydia Davis (76), whom he met during his studies. In 1974, the couple returned to the United States and married. Their son, Daniel, was born in 1977. Auster and Davis separated shortly afterwards.

Paul Auster’s breakthrough came in 1985 with the publication of “City of Glass”, the first novel in his “New York” trilogy, which also includes “Schlagshadow” (1986) and “Behind Closed Doors” (1987). Auster published numerous novels in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, including “The Book of Illusions”, “Leviathan” and “Mr. Vertigo”. His works have been translated into over 40 languages. Paul Auster has also worked as a film director, screenwriter, translator and editor.

In 1981, Paul Auster met the writer Siri Hustvedt (69) and married her a year later. In 1987 they had a daughter, Sophie, who became a singer and actress.

There have recently been some strokes of fate in his family: In April 2022, Auster’s son Daniel died of an overdose. In March 2023, Auster’s wife Siri Hustvedt announced that her husband was being treated for cancer that had been diagnosed the previous December.