From a childhood in poverty to star honors in Hollywood: American rock star Sammy Hagar unveiled his star plaque on the famous “Walk of Fame” in front of fans, celebrity guests and photographers. In his acceptance speech, the former Van Halen singer recalled the difficult conditions under which his single mother raised four children.

At the time, he was embarrassed by his poverty, but today he is proud of having made it this far from nothing. Hagar said he was also proud of his own four children, all of whom had turned out well. The rocker posed beaming on the plaque with his two sons and two daughters as well as his second wife.

John Mayer delivers eulogy

The 76-year-old was honored with the 2,779th star on the “Walk of Fame”. As a guest speaker, the US musician John Mayer (46, “Last Train Home”), among others, praised Hagar’s achievements. Mayer expressed himself as an avid fan of his music, but particularly praised Hagar’s “generosity and kindness.” The rocker is a committed benefactor who primarily supports projects for children in need.

Hagar has been in the music business for over five decades. The California native experienced his breakthrough as the singer of Montrose. In addition to a successful solo career, he had great times as the frontman of Van Halen, most recently playing with his bands Chickenfoot and The Circle (“Crazy Times”). The musician, called the “Red Rocker” by his fans, is planning a tour this summer with his long-time colleagues Michael Anthony and Jason Bonham, along with guitar great Joe Satriani.