The food-pleasure-restaurants union (NGG) is once again calling for warning strikes at the Lieferando delivery service. Drivers should stop work for several hours, the union announced. Customers must be prepared for deliveries within Frankfurt to take significantly longer that day. The background to the strike is the NGG’s demands for a collective agreement for Lieferando employees.

“ Lieferando has been turning a deaf ear for over a year. Especially after the high inflation of the last few years, a collective agreement is more than overdue,” said NGG department head Mark Baumeister. Just a few days ago, Lieferando employees demonstrated in front of the headquarters of the Dutch company Just Eat Takeaway in Amsterdam, to which the Lieferando brand belongs.

The NGG demands an hourly wage of at least 15 euros and the payment of a 13th month’s salary. She also wants to enforce higher surcharges for evening, Sunday and public holiday shifts.

The employer, in turn, points out that the working conditions at Lieferando are above average compared to the industry. The hourly wage is 14 euros and all drivers are employed directly by Lieferando. There are surcharges for work during peak hours as well as other bonuses and flat rates. Many other platforms, on the other hand, work primarily with subcontractors who employ drivers on significantly worse terms.