Sweet news for “Everything that counts” star Marc Dumitru (37) and his wife Kristina (34): The two are becoming parents for the first time. The couple made this known in an interview with RTL. Accordingly, the child will be born in May 2024.

“Just looking at her as such a beautiful, pregnant woman is on another level and that makes me endlessly happy,” enthuses the father-to-be. The couple has also already revealed the gender of the child: it will be a boy. Dumitru wrote on Instagram: “Oooooh boy – coming soon!”

It’s an exciting time for the couple, who met in 2009 while filming the youth series “The House of Anubis” and married in 2018: “We felt like we were still babies ourselves and having children of our own was a long way away. But we grew up together and at some point we knew: We are ready for the next step.”

After filming for the series “Das Haus Anubis” ended in 2012, Marc and Kristina Dumitru remained a couple, but their career paths developed differently: He remained true to acting and was seen in the RTL series “Nachtschrein”, among others and since 2022 as Kilian Reichenbach on “Everything that counts”. His wife Kristina turned her back on acting and studied primary school teaching from 2012 to 2018.