When it comes to superstar Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, professional footballer Travis Kelce, many fans can’t stop themselves: every little movement they make is absorbed and analyzed online. Of course, the two of them know this themselves, and Kelce in particular seems to have fun fueling the rumor mill. In the “New Heights” podcast he and his brother Jason talked about particularly private topics: the desire to have children and marriage.

The two were actually talking about NBA player Victor Wembanyama and commenting on his impressive size. “You can’t tell me this guy wasn’t created in a damn lab over there in France,” said Travis Kelce. The 34-year-old then continued to joke: “Diamonds from the lab, players from the lab.” And added meaningfully: “I can hardly wait until I make one.”

His brother Jason already suspected what the words could do. “Don’t do that. Please don’t feed all those conspiracy theorists any more!” he said, laughing. With the allusion to the lab diamonds, which are popular for engagement rings, Kelce fueled wedding rumors about him and Swift.

Page Six recently reported that the couple is reportedly planning to get engaged in the summer. “They have talked about it and there is a plan,” an insider was quoted as saying. Fans took Kelce’s hints on the podcast with humor. “Guys, you know that those two are always cracking jokes on the podcast!” commented one fan. “First he publicly asked for a date, now he’s publicly asking for a baby,” joked another.

Because Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been in a relationship since mid-2023. At that time, Kelce also publicly raved about Swift on his brother’s podcast and said that he was at one of her concerts and would like to get to know her. Swift then contacted him – and the rest is history.