Helene Fischer, Maite Kelly or Schmitty Extreme? In the particularly emotional partner swap edition of the dance show “Let’s Dance” (April 12th, RTL, also on RTL), the comeback of the Discofox marathon was announced at the end for the next live broadcast (April 19th, 8:15 p.m.). The viewers can now vote on the songs to which the competition will then be danced.

The 16 titles available for choice were also posted on the dance show’s Instagram account. The show makers write: “It’s that time again: The Discofoxmarathon is back in Show 7! We’ll tell you one thing: This marathon definitely has no brakes. Vote now on RTL.de which songs you want to hear.”

The choices include Helene Fischer and Shirin David with “Breathless through the Night” or “It Just Happened” by Maite Kelly. The list also includes a number of Ballermann hits such as “Victoria” by Schmitty Extreme and “Layla” by DJ Robin

The announcement and selection are hotly debated in the comments. Many are looking forward to the competition, in which the celebrity-professional pairings will gradually be removed from the game by the jury or taken off the dance floor. “I personally am very happy about it,” writes one user.

“I love the Discofox marathon,” commented another, but also added: “Unfortunately, the song selection is once again too much of a baller. You can dance to almost anything in Discofox and I think it’s a shame that it’s portrayed as if it were a ‘drinking dance'”. “Could it be that there is almost only Ballermann music? How about real Discofox songs?!” asks another follower in surprise.

And this fan doesn’t like the choice of music either: “I’d like to choose a song, but there’s only the choice between plague and cholera.” You can also read: “Sorry, doesn’t fit into the sophisticated show”, “That’s a slap in the face for every Discofox dancer” or “It’s a shame, I liked the Salsathon much better last year”.

But as one of the participants in the most recent show emphasized: “Let’s Dance” is a dazzling entertainment show and not a serious professional dance competition…