The British King Charles III. (75) reminded people at the world climate summit in Dubai that “the earth does not belong to us”. This is reported by the “Daily Mail”, among others. The monarch also declared that the world had “lost its way terribly far” when it comes to dealing with climate change.

The global economy is in danger if the environment does not improve quickly, said King Charles in his opening speech at the UN climate conference “COP28”. He told world leaders that the dangers of climate change were no longer a distant risk and urged them to take more action.

King Charles, who has campaigned for environmental protection for decades, is attending the summit on behalf of the British government and at the invitation of the host country, the United Arab Emirates. According to the report, in his speech he referred to the global effects of climate change, including floods in Asia and severe forest fires in the United States, Canada and Greece.

According to the Daily Mail, the monarch also said in his speech that his grandchildren in 2050 “will live with the consequences of what we have done or not done.” He did not mention Prince William’s (41) children George (10), Charlotte (8) and Louis (5) and Prince Harry’s children Archie (4) and Lilibet (2) by name.

The UN climate summit in Dubai started yesterday (November 30th) and will run until December 12th. Around 70,000 participants from around 200 countries or non-governmental organizations are expected to be registered. Charles gave a speech at the conference for the first time as a king, having previously opened “COP26” in Glasgow in 2021 and “COP21” in Paris in 2015 as heir to the British throne.