It is not the first time that the rapper Ye (46), better known as Kanye West, has gotten into legal trouble for allegedly fighting other people. In recent years there have been several complaints against Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband (43) because he allegedly attacked paparazzi or fans with his fists. In the most recent case, the musician obviously not only went overboard again, but also got the wrong man.

As the magazine “TMZ” reported, an unpleasant and not yet entirely clarified incident occurred last Tuesday evening (April 16) in the swanky Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles. According to the magazine’s insider sources, a man is said to have accidentally bumped into West’s wife Bianca Censori (29) in the lobby of the noble residence. Shortly afterwards, the rapper followed the man outside and struck him twice.

However, in a statement later released by Kanye West’s team, the incident is portrayed completely differently. It said: “The attacker not only bumped into her. He put his hands under her dress, right on her body, he grabbed her waist, spun her around and then blew her kisses. She was abused and sexually abused .”

In another report today, April 20th, “TMZ” revealed that the scandal rapper apparently did not target the alleged harasser during his attack, but rather his twin brother. According to the magazine, these twin brothers are Mark and Jonnie Houston (45), two well-known restaurateurs in Los Angeles who own several clubs and restaurants in the city. Even though there is still no statement from the two identical twins about this bizarre mix-up story, “TMZ” sees the described course of events confirmed by “law enforcement sources”.