Last November, US reality star Paris Hilton announced the birth of her daughter – now the 43-year-old is presenting the little girl, named London Marilyn Hilton-Reum, publicly for the first time in photos. The mother of two posted several family pictures in the countryside on Instagram.

“I’ve dreamed of a daughter named London for as long as I can remember,” Hilton wrote in a lengthy comment. “I’m so grateful that she’s here.” The baby is dressed entirely in old pink and has a large bow on her head. Son Phoenix and husband Carter Reum can also be seen. Both children were born via surrogacy. One-year-old Phoenix was born in January 2023.

Hilton enthuses that she experienced deep love through her two little angels. Her “incredible journey through motherhood” inspired a song she recorded with her friend, singer Sia. The song “Fame Won’t Love You” would remind her that the bond with family is the most valuable thing of all.

In a recent interview with E! News, Hilton explained why there have been no photos of her daughter: “I feel like everything in my life is so public. I just wanted my little girl for myself keep me. I will show them to the world when the time comes.” Now things happened faster than many fans thought. Hilton also revealed in the interview that she is thinking about having more offspring. “I would like to have a sister for London because my sister and I have such a close relationship. That would be really great,” she said.