No one is above the law, and presidents are not kings, says judge at the u.s. court of appeals.

An appeals court in the UNITED states has ruled that a former toprådgiver for Donald Trump is going to have to comply with a subpoena from Congress to testify.

It is in connection with an investigation that may lead to that the president made a rigsret.

the Adviser is Don McGahn. He was summoned in may to testify to the committee on legal affairs in the House of Representatives. It he refused.

According to the judge Ketanji Brown Jackson can the government not invoke absolute immunity, just because they have been close to the president.

the Decision by the court of appeals is specifically McGahn. But judge Jackson seems to understand that it must be broadly valid for all former and current advisers of the president.

She rejects thus the argument that Casino Siteleri high-ranking officials of the Trumps government is immune to subpoenas from Congress.

Presidents are not kings, she writes in her decision.

– No, not even the top executive – is above the law, she observes.

McGahn left his post as an adviser in October 2018. In may defied he summons from the House of Representatives. Here, he would have to testify Trumps attempts to obstruct the study of Russian interference in the us elections in 2016.

It was an investigation, which was conducted by the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller and his team.

permanent select committee on intelligence of the House of Representatives focuses on examining how Trump may have attempted blackmail against Ukraine.

the Purpose was, according to several key witnesses, to dig the dirt up in the Ukraine of the former democratic vice president Joe Biden, who may be his opponent in next year’s presidential elections in the UNITED states.

It is expected to lead to an impeachment of the president of the UNITED states senate.