A year after John Luther aka Idris Elba (51) returned for a feature film, “Luther” creator Neil Cross (55) is working on a series again. As Sky announced in a press release, filming for “Iris” will begin in Sardinia in June 2024.

The pay-TV channel describes “Iris” as a “sunlit thriller hunt”. The focus of the series is the title heroine Iris Nixon. By day, she works for a social media platform where she has to flag harmful content. At night she scours internet forums looking for puzzles.

One night, the puzzle friend comes across a thread in which highly intelligent people are being sought to crack a code on behalf of the philanthropist Cameron McIntyre. Iris prevails against her competitors. But then she realizes that by cracking the code she has unleashed dangerous technology. The highly intelligent woman steals the code and goes into hiding, disguised as a teacher. But Cameron is looking for her.

“I just wanted to make a series that I would like to watch myself,” Sky quoted Neil Cross as saying. The showrunner describes “Iris” as a “thrilling, funny, chase-driven adventure series with a main character the likes of which I don’t think we’ve ever seen on television.”

This main character is embodied by Niam Algar (34). The Irish woman is a relatively unknown quantity in Germany. For example, she starred alongside Florence Pugh (28) in the Netflix film “The Miracle” (2022) or in the historical series “Mary,” which has just started on Sky

Tom Hollander (56) who plays Cameron McIntyre is a little better known. The character actor made a name for himself in prominent supporting roles, for example in “The White Lotus”. In “The Night Manager” he played the windy assistant of an arms dealer, for which he won a BAFTA Award.

Terry McDonough, an experienced series professional, is the main director of “Iris”. He has already directed episodes of “Breaking Bad”, “Better Call Saul” and “Killing Eve”. Sky has not yet set a broadcast date.