Felicitas Woll (44) is still fondly remembered by many television viewers as the chaotic, lovable Lolle in the series “Berlin, Berlin”. Her performance in the ZDF production “Neuer Wind im Altes Land” was also well received by the audience. So good that after two test episodes, the broadcaster is now thinking about a sequel.

A spokesman for ZDF told the news agency spot on news on May 6th: “After the great success, ZDF would like to continue the new Herzkino series.” The plans are now taking more concrete form: “Intense planning discussions are already taking place within the station and with external parties.” Just a week ago, Felicitas Woll told her Instagram followers that she didn’t know whether there would be any more stories from the Old Country. Now the positive decision seems to have been made.

Two episodes have been produced so far. “Beke clears up” and “Stranded” can be seen in the ZDF media library, and they were shown on television on Sunday evening (April 21st and 28th) at prime time as part of the ZDF Herzkino. During the AGF broadcast, the broadcast reached around 5.2 and 4.3 million viewers. There was also a lot of support for the feature-length test episodes on social networks.

“New Wind in the Old Country” is about the star journalist Beke Rieper (Woll), who, after a career break, ends up back in her home village in the old country, moves in with her parents, has to take a job at the village newspaper and returns to her childhood sweetheart Paul (Steve Windolf, 42) encountered. A story that obviously hits a nerve with the audience.