With fall on the horizon, it’s not just a change of seasons, but, as always, an exciting change in the world of fashion. The leaves are turning, the temperatures are dropping and the fashion world is preparing to immerse itself in a festive sea of ​​colour. But what makes autumn 2023 special?

It’s the time when some fashion trends from the past are revived. From the fashion classic trench coat to soft pastel colors – this year fashion is again going back to some established trends. A small overview of new old fashion trends.

The trench coat is a timeless fashion classic that should not be missing in any wardrobe in autumn 2023. The coat with the characteristic features is also the perfect transitional jacket, as a trench coat is traditionally made of water-repellent material, making it the perfect choice for rainy days. Classically, the trench coat comes in light beige, but the coat is now available in many different colors – more on the trend colors in autumn 2023 below.

A denim look from head to toe is again the right choice in autumn 2023 if you want to show that you follow the latest trends. With the denim all-over style, there is no skimping on clothing items such as jeans. You can wear jeans with jeans, for example, a denim shirt, a denim jacket and possibly even additional accessories such as a denim hat or a denim bag.

Power dressing is still a relevant fashion topic: The style first became present in the 1980s, when women increasingly entered the working world and were looking for a serious style that gave them self-confidence and authority. In autumn 2023, female fashion fans are reinterpreting power dressing and relying on trendy, unconventional cuts and earthy or bright colors for pantsuits and the like.

Saffron red handbags are one of the most stylish accessories in fall 2023. The warm, deep red color is reminiscent of the rich colors of autumn leaves, adding a touch of elegance and warmth to any outfit. And let’s be honest: A handbag is not only fashionable, but also an indispensable companion in the cold season.

Pastel colors like lavender or butter are a refreshing change in autumn 2023. While the season is often dominated by dark and muted tones, pastel colors bring an invigorating and cheerful touch to the fall look. They add a subtle elegance to any outfit and create an interesting contrast to the traditional fall palette. The Dopamine Dressing trend is given a new coat of paint with light pastel colours.