The eleventh season of “Sing my Song” starts on April 23rd (8:15 p.m. on VOX, also via RTL). This time host Johannes Oerding (42) invites Juli frontwoman Eva Briegel (45), who is the focus of episode one, soul singer Joy Denalane (50), Broilers frontman Sammy Amara (45), pop singer Emilio to the swap concert (27), singer-songwriter Tim Bendzko (39) and rapper Eko Fresh (40). In a later episode, Peter Maffay (74) will be there as a special guest.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Eko Fresh talks about the challenging filming, the special setting in South Africa and what he wants to prove as a rapper in the music format. He also reveals what the time was like behind the scenes, how his wife Sarah became a great support during filming and how the two of them experienced the time without their son.

Eko Fresh: I have to admit that I was surprised about the request because I come from rap and have done tons of other things outside of music in the last few years. I was very happy to have the opportunity to continue telling my musical story on such a large platform like “Sing meine Song”. In my life, I have actually already continued to knit my story and feel like I have arrived. But in music I’ve been through so many eras and touched people in different times with music. I wanted to finish telling that and reach everyone again at the same time and say: “Hey, I’m the one from your youth and by the way, I’ve grown up too, not just you.” It was also a chance to demonstrate my talent and show that I’m not one-dimensional, but that I can also sing or write good lyrics.

Eko Fresh: It was wonderful and a great time. A bit like a therapy holiday, you meet up with like-minded people and talk about your life, all your stations and exchange ideas. You stand in front of six selected colleagues, you get feedback from them and you have to show your talent to those who do the same thing as you. It’s a thrill that goes in a completely different direction than when you play in front of thousands of people . A very intense experience. I don’t think I would have had the time in my life, nor would anyone else, to spend so much time with each other. Before I only knew Tim Bendzko and Eva Briegel and now I’ve made really cool friends there. I am very sure that the contact will continue.

Eko Fresh: She is a great woman. We could always turn to her if we had any concerns. She always found the right words. And she is so humble. During the show I noticed how many hits Juli actually had and how they influenced an entire generation with their sound. Others would be conceited, but she is completely different, just totally grounded and totally sweet. Your evening is truly special.

Eko Fresh: I didn’t learn that much about myself because I already knew my story, I just shared it. But what I learned: I’m not alone in the world with this story, there are also other crazy people who have chosen this career as musicians. The cast is musically super diverse, but ultimately we all decided on this life as artists with ups and downs and that kind of calmed me down.

Eko Fresh: On the day when my colleagues had to interpret my songs, I found it totally uncomfortable because there were often a lot of lyrics. I grew to love them all so much and I didn’t want to cause them any trouble. Again, on the evenings when it was my turn, I wanted to put my skills to the test. I love singing and I think I sing better than people might expect of me. I also see myself as a lyricist and producer and wanted to incorporate that too, so I rewrote every song and gave it my signature. As a rapper you need a certain authenticity, that’s why I based the songs on my life. Some of them almost fit, I only changed small things, while others I had to write completely new verses. I interpreted every song anew, I saw that as my job.

Eko Fresh: He’s a badass legend. I was so excited to do my song that night because I really did a complete 180 degree turn from his song and did something different with it. I was curious to see what he would say about it, whether he understood it that way or perhaps even found it stupid. But he was so cool and easygoing. It was nice to listen to him and be inspired by his wealth of experience.

Eko Fresh: The important thing is that it is so far away. In Mallorca, for example, you would still be too much at home with your thoughts. The setting in the southernmost part of South Africa is totally impressive, like the end of the world. You look at the sea and are forced to think about yourself, your colleagues and the project in a positive way. It’s extremely bonding and the whole vibe of South Africa flows into it. You are in such a good spirit and I think the show wouldn’t be the same if it took place in another country.

Eko Fresh: There is little other time, you are really challenged. As an old TV fan, it doesn’t bother me that much, I know what it’s like when you’re basically in front of the camera all day. But it’s a very special kind of production, something I’ve never experienced even as a veteran. So many different things are required of you. You’re on air all the time, you’re excited all the time. You don’t know when it’s your turn to play your song that you’ve never done anywhere before, then play it live and then have to do it in one take. What little time we had away from the camera we all spent together. I also love that in film, when a whole crew believes in a goal and works towards it, creating a cool spirit.

Eko Fresh: Yes. But I had my wife with me, she was really my rock. Many people take a manager with them, but because of my filming experience, I didn’t need that much help with the processes. I needed more emotional help and that’s what she gave me. It was really a touching and impressive time for me. I’m actually someone who is always looking forward, always on to the next thing. I rarely find time to deal with my old things or my career.

Eko Fresh: He had to stay at school. It’s no longer like kindergarten where you can take him out every now and then. We were gone for ten days and had never been away from him for that long. We took the smallest possible time window, many colleagues combined it with a vacation, and we flew back at the first opportunity. When we arrived we were even happier to have him back. But he enjoyed his time with grandma.

Eko Fresh: I always say: “It’s not about where you come from, but where you go.” And I went through a learning curve in my life, but I also incorporated it into my music. There’s this image rap that colleagues my age still do today, but they rap about something they’re not. That’s not the case for me. The newer the stuff is, the more you hear what I’ve learned in life and the more mature the music is. She was always a mirror of myself. But I was also young and wild. When I was 16, I was already standing in front of a microphone doing battle rap with certain sayings. If I notice something today that no longer suits me from the past, I take it down from platforms. I don’t care if I lose money. I stand up for my values ​​today. No one is perfect, but I always try to get better and be a role model for my son.

Eko Fresh: The new album, which is called Elijah like my son, marks the third act of my career; the music has now been adapted to my life once again. Just as the fans have grown up and now have families or decent jobs themselves and need a different soundtrack for life, I too have grown up and now have different issues. A few things have also changed in the technical implementation, especially inspired by “Sing my song”. I dared more, let go a little more and don’t want to conform to any bubble anymore. It’s really cool, beautiful music that you can listen to with your family or in the car.

Eko Fresh: I heard that the sequel to “Pumuckl” is being worked on and I hope that they will still need a postman (laughs). So I definitely want to continue acting. This is something that suits me. I like comedy stuff that’s a little over the top and makes people laugh. But I also like serious topics. I hope I get the chance to show a different dimension of myself in this direction. But for now I’ll stick with the music and show with “Sing my song” what a rapper is capable of.