A good two months after her stage accident, singer Helene Fischer continued her “Rausch” tour in Cologne on Friday evening. “I’m extremely emotional today. For us it’s like a second premiere tonight,” said the 39-year-old to her around 15,000 fans in the Lanxess Arena.

It feels great to be back on stage – after a two-month summer break, “but of course also because of the injury”. Because her last concert in June in Hanover ended abruptly after she injured her face with a trapeze bar and left the stage bleeding.

The second part of the “Rausch” mega tour, which includes 71 concerts, is about to start again in Cologne. The hit queen will play seven of them in Cologne by September 2nd – according to the organizer, more than 100,000 tickets have been sold.

“As you can see, I’m doing fantastic,” Fischer called out to the fans. “You guys so deserve this show – you’ve been waiting for it since March.” Because the spring tour started a few weeks later than planned because Fischer broke a rib while rehearsing. Therefore, among other things, the Cologne concerts were postponed.

The Schlagerqueen shows nothing of her previous injuries on Friday when she takes part in some daring acrobatics scenes. So she swings through the air again on the trapeze. “Of course I set myself the challenge again, I really wanted to do acrobatics,” she said after the number. “But I’m only human, and mistakes happen to me.” It’s all the better that everything went well this time.

Before the concert, Fischer published a short video on her Instagram account in which she showed herself with an ice hockey helmet on her head. She jokingly said, “As you can see, I’m safer now than ever.”

On stage, she assured her fans: “You can believe me one thing: I’m not careless. We did everything very, very safely and we all just want to enjoy a nice show together.”

Some of the spectators held their breath during the aerial acrobatics, but otherwise they sang, clapped and celebrated loudly. Fischer presented around 28 songs at the three-hour concert, including songs from her current “Rausch” album, but also many well-known pieces such as “Achterbahn”, “Phänomen”, “With no other” and of course her super hit “Breathless through the night”. “.

Sometimes the singer stands in a circle of fire, sometimes in the middle of a waterfall, often she is surrounded by dancers. “I have permanent goosebumps today, I don’t even know what’s going on,” she said, pressing her hands to her chest.

Luckily, the concert was accident-free. As usual, the 39-year-old delivered a perfect-looking show. In the end, the majority of the audience goes home satisfied – and Fischer, in his own words, “goes to bed blissfully”. Her conclusion: “It was a magical evening.”