Elon Musk regularly has big plans for Twitter, the short message platform he purchased at a high price. But so far none of them seem to have really ensured that more people want to use the website, now called “X”, or even pay money for it – on the contrary. But is the big breakthrough now coming? Musk now seems to be relying on the support of well-known celebrities. First, it girl and hotel heiress Paris Hilton, 42, struck a deal with Twitter.

There will be an exclusive “livestream shopping event” with Paris Hilton, via Twitter of course. Corresponding new functions should enable users to watch a live stream video, chat with others and shop online at the same time. Hilton’s announcement of the digital event said: “Together we will explore new ways to connect with all of you via video, live stream, live shopping and even Spaces (a type of conference call feature; editor’s note). And We’re just getting started.” When the livestream event will take place, further details about what to expect, or information about the products that will be sold have not yet been revealed.

It’s not the first time the company has wanted to make shopping a key element on its platform. Prior to Musk’s takeover, Twitter had already been exploring introducing shop capabilities for retailers, as well as features that would allow shops to tease their upcoming product releases. Shortly after Musk took control of Twitter, it tested a shopping collaboration with Walmart. However, none of these projects aroused a great desire to buy among users.

At least for Paris Hilton, this new attempt should now be worthwhile: Twitter has negotiated a special revenue share with Paris Hilton and her media company, 11:11. In addition to financial aspects, this even includes an individual hashtag for a word that Hilton has been trying to popularize since at least 2019 (with moderate success): sliving. A combination of the words “slaying” and “living” – the linguistic creation is said to be Hilton’s new “that’s hot”, her slogan from the early 2000s.

Sources:  Twitter, “Tech Crunch”