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At Lidl, the beer brands Eierbacher and Grafenwalder are on the shelf, among others. Both beers are available in different varieties: for example as Pilsner, Hefeweissbier, Radler or non-alcoholic. The varieties are brewed in Frankfurt an der Oder – by the well-known Frankfurter Brauhaus GmbH. The better-known Frankfurter beer also comes from the brewery.

Another beer available at Lidl is the Premium Pils Bergardier. The Mauritius Brewery in Zwickau is behind the beer in plastic bottles.

If you want to buy beer at Aldi, you will find the Schultenbräu brand on the shelf, among others. The canned beer is produced by the Mönchengladbach Brewery – a branch of Germany’s well-known Oettinger Brewery. The Karlsquell brand beers, which can be bought at Aldi, also come from there.

Aldi sources its light lager Maternus Gold from the Belgian brewery Martens.

Beer lovers also have a good selection at the discounter Netto. Meisterbräu and Sachsengold are produced by the Mauritius Brewery in Zwickau. Grafensteiner and Königshof come from the Königshof brewery in Krefeld. And the Falkenfelser brand is owned by Tucher Bräu GmbH

The discounter Penny has its own beer brand, Adelkrone. It is brewed by the Danish brewery Darguner, a subsidiary of Harboes Bryggerie A/S.

The supermarket Kaufland also sells cheap beer as its own brand: it’s called Stephans Bräu and is produced in the well-known Dresden brewery Feldschlösschen.

With this selection there is probably something for every taste and budget.

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