Catherine Zeta-Jones (54) completed golf training in Scotland on Wednesday (October 4th). The actress appeared on the court wearing a blue quilted jacket and a matching bobble hat as well as black gloves and sneakers.

The Welsh native will take part in the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship for the first time. Her husband Michael Douglas (79) demonstrated it in 2005. The golf tournament will take place from October 5th to 8th in St Andrews, among other places, and will be played among teams made up of professional golfers and amateurs. Other celebrity participants include musicians Ronan Keating (46), Dave Farrell (46) and Mike Rutherford (73).

Catherine Zeta-Jones has been sharing her plans with her Instagram followers over the past few days, sharing, among other things, a clip in which she can be seen in action on the golf course.

“I really enjoyed being at the championship all those years ago and I was able to play a round on the training days,” she said of her husband’s previous appearance at the tournament, according to the British Daily Mail. “The atmosphere was fantastic and the stands were great and really encouraged me. To be able to play now is a dream come true. I’m really looking forward to it.”