Carla Bruni (55) opened up about her breast cancer diagnosis four years ago in an Instagram post. In one clip, the wife of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy (68) holds signs with her message one after the other into the camera. The message can be read again in another picture. “Four years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy. I went through the normal treatment for this type of cancer. But I was lucky: my cancer was not yet aggressive,” explains Bruni.

The cancer didn’t have time to spread. That’s why the 55-year-old emphasizes: “Every year, on the same date, I go for a mammogram. If I hadn’t done that every year, I wouldn’t have my left breast anymore.” She didn’t want to reveal any details about her health with her posting. “I hesitated for a long time before I decided to talk about this. No, I want to send an important message to all women reading this: Go for a mammogram every year. Go for a mammogram. Your life depends on it.”

Carla Bruni used October for her important appeal during Breast Cancer Month. In the coming weeks, attention will be drawn to the situation of sick people in different ways and topics such as prevention and early detection will be put in focus.