After Oscar Pistorius served half of his 13 years and 5 months sentence in a South African prison, the former professional athlete was released in January. However, the path back to a normal life seems to be difficult for Pistorius, as the New York Post reports.

According to the US newspaper, Pistorius tried to get a job with the International Paralympic Committee but failed in his efforts. “He’s now too toxic to work with,” an anonymous member of the committee told the newspaper. “There’s nothing for him here.” According to the Post, Pistorius is currently staying with his uncle. He, in turn, lives in a strictly guarded luxury residential complex in Waterkloof, a suburb of Pretoria.

Although Pistorius is free, he is still required to wear an electronic monitor that allows his probation officer to check his whereabouts. Pistorius also has to undergo regular drug tests and is not allowed to be active on social media, give interviews or write a book.

According to his probation documents, which were viewed by The Post, he volunteers at a church. It is said that he is responsible for caretaker work there.

Pistorius was one of South Africa’s most dazzling sports stars. In 2012 he was the first double amputee athlete at the Summer Olympics, which took place in London that year. Because of his special prostheses, Pistorius was nicknamed “Blade Runner”. Almost a year later, the sports hero became a murderer: On Valentine’s Day 2013, Pistorius shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp through a closed door in his home.

After Pistorius was released from prison on parole, Steenkamp’s mother expressed resignation on “Good Morning Britain.” “It won’t make any difference to my life,” she said. “He’s already done what he’s done and there’s nothing I can do about it,” said Steenkamp.

Quellen: “New York Post” / “Good Morning Britain”