The US comedian Tim Allen (69), in his own words, has been meeting Oscar winner Tom Hanks (66, “Finch”) for decades for dinner – the table manners obviously collide with worlds. “We’ve been having lunch together two or three times a year since Toy Story 1,” said the actor (“Listen, who’s hammering”) on US singer Kelly Clarkson’s show. Accordingly, the two became very close friends while dubbing for the animated film.

They are very different, Allen said. For example, Hanks would also eat from Allen’s plate, which was not common in his own family, according to the 69-year-old. Hanks ate his fries on the first shoot. And yet, “I don’t think I’ve ever trusted anyone as much as Tom did,” Allen said. Hanks is the first to listen without judging.

Tim Allen and Tom Hanks lent their voices to the main characters Buzz Lightyear and Woody in all four installments of the Disney Pixar series “Toy Story”. In 1995, the first part was the first fully computer-generated animated film for the cinema.