Mallorca has been the favorite destination of many German holidaymakers for years. But numerous stars are also drawn to the Balearic island again and again. “My first stay here was more than 50 years ago,” recalls moderator Vera Int-Veen at the Remus Lifestyle Night on Playa de Palma. In 2016, she even said yes to her wife here. Model Franziska Knuppe, designer Natascha Ochsenknecht and moderator Harry Wijnvoord also remember their first time in Mallorca at the event organized by luxury broker Marcel Remus.

Actor Jo Weil (45): “My first time in Mallorca totally blew me away. I actually never wanted to go to Mallorca because I only had the pictures of Ballermann in my head and that’s not mine at all. But then I was actually here for work and it totally flashed me how beautiful the island is. Since then I’ve been a huge fan and have often come here privately. You just have to understand that Mallorca isn’t just Ballermann 6.”

Presenter Nina Moghaddam (42): “I was here for the first time when I was 18 with my boyfriend at the time. I took the little train to Sóller back then – and I’ve now done that with my kids and my family. There were a lot of memories high and somehow everything still looked the same as it did back then.”

Moderator Harry Wijnvoord (74): “My first stay was in 1991. I visited Klaus Baumgart from ‘Klaus und Klaus’ and bought my house.”

Presenter Vera Int-Veen (55): “My first stay here was more than 50 years ago. My mother was in Mallorca in the summer of 1967 – she was very pregnant with me then. After that we went to Mallorca every year and I even got married here .”

Model Franziska Knuppe (48): “It must have been professional for a shoot, sometime in the last 26 years. Privately as a teenager or something, it certainly wasn’t. I’m from the former GDR and the first trip after reunification went on Morocco.”

Designer Natascha Ochsenknecht (58): “There is even a nice thong photo of me topless. I was standing by the water in Alcúdia, I was holding Wilson and I was five months pregnant with Jimi. That was about 33 years ago .”

“Let’s Dance” professional dancer Christian Polanc (45): “Very well, actually. I actually visited Marcel Remus here in Mallorca. That was probably more than ten years ago. I never made it to the island before because I was very I was traveling a lot with tournament dancing and hardly managed to get anywhere that you usually go.”

Ex-soccer star Arne Friedrich (44): “I think the last time I was on the island was in the international match against Spain in 2003. The first time, however, was at the age of 15 – my first vacation without my parents. After that I’m four or five Been here years in a row with my closest childhood friend. But not for El Arenal and Full Throttle, we preferred it a bit quieter.”

Presenter Frauke Ludowig (59): “I was here with my parents for the first time. We went on a bus trip and stayed in a 3-star hotel with a pool. It was simple and beautiful.”

Ex-jungle queen Evelyn Burdecki (34): “I was 15 and at some point I had one of those typical buckets in my hand that are forbidden today, with lots of XXL straws. And I fell in love with my first boyfriend in Mallorca. I knew him from Germany and I cried bitterly when he had to fly away, I remember that.”