“Always on the move and mostly happy,” Annemarie Carpendale (45) describes her marriage to Wayne Carpendale (46) in an interview with the news agency spot on news. The couple will celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary at the end of September. There are no precise plans for the day of honor: “We both took time off and let ourselves drift. The main thing is a little time out together,” reveals the mother of a five-year-old son. From August 10th, the presenter will be on duty as a TV matchmaker on the new dating show “Der Heiratsmarkt”, where parents choose their children’s partners.

Annemarie Carpendale: Yes, on the one hand, because we always had a great relationship and my parents encouraged me to go on all sorts of adventures (traveling around the world with Bellini, etc.) during my studies. On the other hand, no, because I never actually felt the need – in contrast to the candidates in “Der Eheratsmarkt”, some of whom have been single for four, five, six years – I was really surprised, well, the young people nowadays. (laughs)

Carpendale: I think the most important thing for parents is that the guy is reliable, doesn’t mess around and makes the daughter happy. I hope my parents wouldn’t have picked me a bore, but also one that can be used to steal horses.

Carpendale: Who gets skeptical about Wayne!? No, when you met him on my 30th birthday, we weren’t even together, so getting to know each other was totally uncomplicated. But as moms are like that, she already suspected that something was about to happen, even we didn’t really know that at the time.

Carpendale: We don’t plan like that. We both took the day off and let ourselves drift. The main thing is a little time out together.

Carpendale: Always on the move and mostly happy.

Carpendale: Of course there is no secret. But important ingredients are: Respect for the other and what he likes to do. Always talking, also and especially about what doesn’t suit you. Enjoy life as often as possible and be spontaneous if that’s possible. And if you still manage to somehow maintain the attraction, then you’re pretty good at it.

Carpendale: Haha, then he would probably have copied something from me beforehand from “Kiss Bang Love” or “How Fake is Your Love”. Each of these shows has something to do with dating, but is actually very special in itself and has its own twist, the only rule is: get into the candidates and situations and then love what you do, then it works best.

Carpendale: Well, the special thing is of course the clash of generations. Not only that the parents take over the choice of partner. When the singles get to know each other while the in-laws move into the house with them, you can imagine how wild one or the other mix is ​​and how many exciting conflicts arise.

Carpendale: Definitely someone who not only wants a house, kids and cones, but someone with whom he can also be spontaneous and enjoy life.

Carpendale: “red.” is my baby, which I created together with the editors, if you can put it that way. It breaks my heart especially for these great creative people behind the camera. The brand “red.” is at least preserved, in any case a small consolation.

Carpendale: I’m not anxious about something like that, I’m happy that we have the chance to do something new, great, creative in these times – and in this case, new also means new worldwide.