In “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” this week is about well over a million. Three million are in the game and candidates have the chance to gamble their way into the grand finale on Thursday evening in several programs.

Michael Bartels had no problem with the first questions of the quiz and made it to the 32,000 euro question. But as WWM fans are used to, they not only find out how well or badly the candidate plays through the show – because Jauch also tickled a few childhood anecdotes out of him. So the moderator came to speak of Bartels’ sister Melanie, who was rooting for her brother from the audience stage. Jauch probably suspected that as a child she often suffered from his actions when he asked his candidate: “There is a phase with boys where you watch horror films and violent films. And as a little sister you can only do that disturb them. Then what do you do with them?”

Bartels said his little sister “had to watch, of course,” but had her eyes covered so she wouldn’t have to watch the worst scenes in the films. At least that’s what their parents thought. In fact, closing your eyes didn’t quite work. The little sister still saw what was happening on the TV screen. “How many years have you been in treatment? And how often? Twice a week?” Jauch asked his counterpart jokingly.

But as many younger sisters can imagine, horror movies weren’t the only evil she endured. “My sister had a lot of toys. We didn’t have any toys. We boys had a soccer ball, and that was more or less it. And there were a few firecrackers. And we thought we had to blow them up,” said the 34-year-old WWM candidate amused. “And then we went to my little sister and said: Melanie, you have to part with four toys now,” he recalled the words of himself and his friends. At the time, he didn’t consider that his sister’s toys were important. “Then we went to the street in the morning and collected the leftovers and then taped the figures together,” added one from the audience.

She doesn’t seem to have sustained any major damage. And her relationship with her brother has also been mended. He made it up to 64,000 euros on Wednesday evening – and is allowed to play around three million.

Source: “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”

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