In the role of the bitchy lover Elli, you provoked the most famous sentence from the TV classic “Monaco Franze”: “Always the shit with Elli.” Was it clear to you when you read the script that this female character had cult potential? No. Back then, in the early 80s, my son was still very small. I wanted to do my work and get home quickly. That was much more important to me than anything else. However, I knew immediately that it was a good script because there was nothing to change. It was brilliantly written. This only happens very rarely.

The role made you big. What was it like to be a star in the 80s? I never felt that way. I never wanted to be a star either. You have to like the red carpet and making a fuss about yourself. That makes me uncomfortable. When the press appointments with Gerhard Polt for our film “Kehraus” came up, I sent him and didn’t go there myself. It never bothered me that he was more in the foreground.

Schneeberger, born in Dollnstein in 1948, played at the Berlin Schillertheater and the Munich Kammerspiele before appearing with Gerhard Polt (pictured here) in the sketch series “Fast like in real life” (1979 to 1988) and in Dieter Hildebrandt’s “Windshield Wiper ” shined. In Helmut Dietl’s cult series “Monaco Franze” she became an audience favorite alongside Helmut Fischer in 1983. She received the Grimme Prize twice as well as the German and Bavarian Television Prizes. Schneeberger has a son, is divorced and lives in Munich.

Their joint series “Fast like in real life” was awarded the Grimme Prize. In it you showed the bizarre situations of everyday life. Was it fun while writing the sketches?

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