It has now been over eight years since Stefan Raab celebrated his farewell as presenter of “TV total” and withdrew completely from the TV stage. But now there seems to be signs of a comeback. Raab published a video clip on his Instagram account (only the second posting there). His former assistant Elton can be seen in it. He rows a boat across a lake in the wilderness looking for his Stefan, who disappeared so long ago.

Finally Elton discovers the missing man: “Man Stefan, old fart.” Raab sits on the bank and fishes. However, his face cannot be seen. You only see parts of him, but you can hear his voice all the more clearly. Elton wants to persuade his old boss to finally get active again after so long. But Elton’s suggestions don’t go down well with Raab. Music, a great show or a chancellor duel? Raab doesn’t care about anything.

He prefers to stun a fish with a small club. Then he makes a wish. Raab wants to become an influencer. There is only one condition: only if Elton gets nine million followers for Raab’s Insta account in the next three days will he be ready for a comeback. His role model is fitness influencer Pamela Reif, who has the same number of followers. “Then I’ll do something again,” says Raab.

And: Elton has to get the nine million within three days. Not an easy task. The Raab account currently has over 609,000 followers with its two postings (as of March 29, 2:50 p.m.). But the number is increasing rapidly. At the time the clip was published, there were only about half as many. So he gained a lot within a few hours.

How serious the clip is meant remains questionable. In three days is the first of April, when people usually joke around with lies and fairy tales. So it remains to be seen whether Raab actually plans to make a comeback. He will definitely increase his number of followers enormously.